Make your travel to London a stress-free one with this simple guide.

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Prominent for its strong sectors, London is the most visited city in the world. The global city attracts visitors from all over the world. Most people travel to this city to do activities related to commerce, tourism or entertainment.

With an integrated transport system allows people to access its locations without much hassle. Its air transport system is the largest in the world, which means that international travels are very london travelefficient. The road network is a comprehensive one. You can easily get around by a bus, personal car or even through cycling. There is also the rail system which handles thousands of people every day.

When it comes to leisure and entertainment, London has the West End theatre which boasts many clubs, restaurants, bars and cinemas. The stretch between Islington and Angel is also home to restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine. Make your travel to¬†city¬†more enjoyable by shopping at Oxford Street. This street is decorated by a vast number of department stores and retailers. Some events you shouldn’t miss when travelling in London include the New Year’s Day Parade, Notting Hill Carnival and Trooping the Colour.

London has a myriad of museums and art galleries. The British Museum houses millions of artifacts, consisting of history specimens and antiquities. Other museums and galleries you shouldn’t miss when making a travel in the city include National Gallery, Victoria and Albert Museum and National Portrait Gallery.

Recreation in London is facilitated by a number of parks and open spaces and other tourist attractions. The best parks include Hyde Park and Kensington Garden, both in the west and

Regent’s Parks located to the north. Make your travel to the city a complete one by visiting these attractions: the Tower of London, the London Eye, Palace of Westminster, River Thames, Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral.